Rob Gronkowski Has Lost A Ton Of Weight And Looks Completely Different Now

Rob Gronkowski Has Lost A Ton Of Weight And Looks Completely Different Now

The sports star Rob Gronkowski has got skinner and seems to be enjoying his retirement phase!

The former New England Patriot’s player has taken everyone’s breathe away with his recent weight loss. In his latest public appearance, he flaunted his weight loss transformation. He seems to be enjoying his life in full swing after retirement.

His weight loss has made quite some buzz among the fans and it’s the favorite topic on social media. In one word, Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss Before And After Result is just LIT!

The athlete showed off his weight loss over the weekend at the premiere of Showtime’s 100 Percent. Everyone, including his fans and Julian Edelman, were shocked to see the new and skinner Gronk.

It appears as if the player has given a hard time to lean down his physique. The retired Tight end has lost a remarkable amount of weight in a few months, including his sexy, trademark muscles.

Moreover, Rob Gronkowski new figure looks all more than drastic due to his amazing height: he’s a stunning 6’6.

Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss Pictures have let everyone in wonder!

Rob Gronkowski Photo

Evidently, it’s not unusual for Professional Player to undergo such visible physical changes in the abrupt aftermath of retirement.

Maintain a weight of 230 pounds for most of his professional career; his slimmed-down figure point at something unnoticed.

The star, who recently retired from New England Patriots at the end of last football season, has sacked off his regular training and has no will to take it back up.

While Gronkowski’s was off the field for a couple of months, it seems as if he’s enjoying his retirement. All we can do is hope for more of the new, skinner Gronk very soon.

Barely into his 30’s, there’s no way of the full stop to his fame anywhere close, as he is moving into the next phase of his career. He’s got too much charisma, too much personality that he’s not gonna stay out of the spotlight for too long.

Significantly, the lingering questions of Rob’s last-minute plan change and come back to the NFL in 2019 has shut down. The chances of his reappearance to the ground have dropped down.

Along with his amazing weight loss, apparently!

Well, whenever he’s asked about a comeback, he has been repeatedly insisting- he is retired. However, the clearest possible sign was when he suddenly popped up for the premiere of Showtime’s “100 percent: Julian Edelman”. He’s completely unrecognizable from his sudden dropdown.

The Sportsperson briefly stayed on the red carpet of documentary’s debut at the movie theater Foxborough’s Showcase Cinema de Lux a located inside the retail complex of Robert Kraft’s Patriot Place.


Rob The Former Football Player Shows Off Significant Weight Loss

Wearing a white T-shirt and gray shorts, Gronkowski held up for cameras for an instant, flashing up his all-new physique. A glance over his trimmed-down figure let everyone in wonder. From here, Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss Photos got everyone’s attention.

Rob Gronkowski football player

This initiated a miniature wildfire on Twitter and other prominent social media. The fan just can’t take off; the photos and video just have gone viral including some snarky comments about the sudden de-bulking of Gridiron star. You can also see that on Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss Reddit

Must be on a different #TB12 program now, tweeted former NFL team doctor David Chao, who has earned a sizable social media following for his ability to diagnose injuries almost instantaneously on the platform.

Intended or not, that appears to be a little shot at Gronkowski being one of the prominent Patriots who were followers of Brady’s less-than-conventional TB12 health regimen.

Gronkowski has also been known to be a client of Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero, who has been a somewhat controversial figure around the franchise due to his medical and training influence over players.

Well, Muscle Atrophy or even simple weight loss sometimes naturally happens to a few NFL players same as Gronkowski’s size.

Partly, the reason lies in that some players have got quite hard to maintain their weight up to a remarkable level. Ultimately, the necessity lies for performance and durability during the entire session.

Usually, players within the 270- to 300-plus pound range have to pay off hard time at the gym to maintain their bulky figure. Consequently, as they drop their regular training regime, their weight or muscle mass fluctuates respectively. Particularly, Gronkowski’s weight loss has put a question mark to his future. Now, it quite more difficult to add-back a good amount of muscle mass again, that too conventionally.

And in the case of the particular Tight End Positioner, who had to have a tough time to keep the weight on the first place, seems quite harder.

Again, Gronk isn’t the first NFL Player having a similar experience. In past, a couple of other players had the same noticeable changes post-retirement. From Cleveland Browns left tackle to Joe Thomas, lost almost 50 pounds in the first year after dropping off the league.

It turned his body into a carved frame that more seems like a linebacker who is moonlighting as a bodybuilder. Well, for Thomas the credit was tagged to his hard work and some sound dietary changes in the first year away from the league.

Only time will tell, where the former player heads his steps form here. But for now, at least two things are widely clear and evident.

First, as we have been expecting, he’s surely enjoying his retirement period. So far, all the popping multiple social appearances this offseason intends toward his will to remain retired.

And second, the latest pics of Gronk again suggest that he’s elucidating his drastic change that he’s committed to his words: he does not gonna come back anytime soon (if ever) folks.

Well, this was all about the recently fired up stuff about the prominent star of American football. Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss before and after pictures are just amazing.

You might want to know what has led him to such drastic and bewildering weight loss. So move out to our next section of the blog.


Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight loss isn’t something that you can get in a wink of eyes, lots of efforts and consciousness of what you’re taking in is required. Hence, here what’s the story behind Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss!

Ultimately, the secret lies in his plate which he’s filled with selective eatable chosen on the basis of their nutrient portion. This is what has helped him shed off the huge figure he had once.

Gronkowski is finally healthy and enjoying his idle life after retirement. He admitted that being on the shelf, of course, enforced him to pay particular attention to his eating habits.

Rob Gronkowski weight loss

So, here’s I’m sharing what changes were brought out in Rob Gronkowski diet plan in his plate!


First of all, he makes sure; he has some greens and veggies on his plate. So, he has broccoli there too. Broccoli has lots of vitamins, particularly vitamin C, apart from that, it has lots of antioxidants. That’s quite essential after the post-workout and practice when you feel ruthlessly flamed up.

All you need is something to relax your muscles and take care of all pains and swelling from the lifting, training and swelling. Besides that, he’s got some carrots which help your eyesight as its rich in Vitamin A. He needs to have good eyesight as he’s to catch the ball.


For fruits he’s got some strawberries and blueberries. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and again blueberries are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory effects. It’s quite necessary to have antioxidants especially after those exhausting practice of lifting session.


Well, for protein he’s tuna and chicken. Evidently, these two are a great source of protein. Having a high protein diet is quite necessary for a sportsperson as it places an embarking role in building and repairing of muscles whether it is on the field or the gym.


Being hydrated is in his top priority. He says, “On hot days during some practice session, I almost lose about 8 pounds of liquid.” Even on cooler days, you don’t lose much, but being hydrated is much necessary.

To ensure that he gains everything back after the exhausting practice and sweating, he has a bottle of special drink. It gives him the required amount of daily servings of vitamins A, C, and E, and B vitamins, too. Furthermore, it also contains more potassium & electrolytes


What More Has Helped Rob Gronkowski In His Weight Loss?

Go-To Dinner

On a common night, he loves to go with chicken and a few slices of sweet potatoes. He likes to have sweet potatoes; they’re a good source of complex carb and tastes really good. Aftermath, he’s some pineapple to appease my thirst. Then for veggies, I’d have some asparagus with a little cheese on the top to have some really good flavor.

What’s his Favorite Cheat Meal?

Like you, Rob also has to cheat meal days. On cheat meal he avoids having junkies, to him; it doesn’t appetite him at all. For cheat meal, he prefers a nice groomed pizza especially when its buffalo chicken pizza with some chicken and a little blue cheese on it.  Or he even loves a regular pepperoni pizza and cheese. That’s always the same no matter wherever he’s travelling.

Well, he also goes for a sub with steak, cheese, and mayo with bread from a nearby sub shop, he likes some great topping on it as well. He loves to have a great sun whenever he can make to it.

Favorite Home-cooked Meal

When at home he prefers mom’s homemade chicken soufflé! Furthermore, he says, “No one else has ever made it before and no one else has ever heard of it. I’m not even really sure what’s in it.”

I guess there’s chicken, bread, a little soup, on the top there’s cheese. Well, I’m not sure what exactly it’s in but its bomb. None of my friends have ever turned it down. It’s my favorite. Whenever my mom’s here into the town she makes a whole platter.

So, this was all about Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss. I hope you have got all the information you have been looking at the amazing transformation of Rob.

Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss Comparison of before and after pics inspires one to reach their weight loss goal. Moreover, Rob Gronkowski diet Plan can be much help to you.

Well, I hope that you like this post.  Still, have any question regarding Rob Gronkowski Weight Loss mumbling in your mind? Ask that in the comment box!

We’d love to answer them all.


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