Where Can I Buy PhenQ – Walmart, GNC, Amazon or Official Website

Where Can I Buy PhenQ – Walmart, GNC, Amazon or Official Website

PhenQ At Walmart

PhenQ for Sale! Buy Online Via Official Website 

You have probably seen how potent and effective PhenQ is in weight loss in our previous PhenQ Before and After post.

So now you are ready to purchase PhenQ diet pills but not sure where to buy it?

Well, I have written this blog to shed some light on tips to help in buying PhenQ and get started on losing that extra fat.

You’ll agree with me when I say,

Weight loss is certainly the most discussed topic among all when it comes to about obesity and unfortunately, many people are suffering from overweight problems.

The GOOD NEWS is that we do have one outstanding supplement called PhenQ that are available to aid in weight loss.

Most of the people who are suffering from obesity opt for this remarkable supplement and that leads them to the most frequently asked questions…

Where To Buy PhenQ diet pills/ Where To Buy PhenQ/ Where Can I Buy PhenQ – Walmart, GNC or Amazon!

The reason of discussing these questions here in this blog is that many of the buyers happen to ask it and clarify their confusion.

These kind of queries are better to be discussed in a proper way to deliver awareness against counterfeit products and scams.

So, here you go..!

Burn Fat And Get The Body You Dream About


Why Is It Hard To Find PhenQ At Walmart?

As I have already mentioned that people at present are ambiguous about the availability of this weight loss supplement on the leading stores.

And that’s why our team surveyed on their own and unfortunately we did not succeed in getting the genuine formula of PhenQ diet pills.

Although we found one but that was fake and the product’s quality was questionable too. One important thing I found in this survey that, those fake products and the prices were relatively higher than the original cost.

Besides, all the leading stores denied the availability of this fat loss supplement.

There’re many justified reasons like …

  • Nowadays so many scams going on the internet which supplies different fake products and waste your money.
  • You won’t get any discount offer
  • They don’t have any customer service

However the main and most logical one is that the PhenQ manufacturer does not allow the third party retail stores to sell it.

To confirm this, our team contacted these retailers and marts:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • GNC
  • eBay
  • CVS
  • Walgreens

These leading stores are not supposed to sell PhenQ diet pill in any form without the authorized permission of the manufacturer.

So now you must be questioning yourself…


Where To Buy PhenQ Without Any Hassle?

If you are just like one of those people who take extra measures to avoid any hassle in your dealings then make your purchase straight away through PhenQ Official Websitephenq.com

The product is available with 60 –Days Money Back Guarantee and FREE delivery!

Yes, that’s true!

There’s also an extra benefit that you can be rest assured that you’ll receive 100% genuine product.

Interestingly, buying PhenQ online via official website, you’re getting a guarantee of quality and there’s no chance to get fake or duplicate supplement.

Here’s a step to step instruction list to make your purchase a little smoother:

  • Visit official website – phenq.com
  • Find and click the ‘ORDER’ button
  • Choose your PhenQ package as per your need
  • Place your order

Note: Online order directly through the manufacturer is the fastest way of getting order delivery.

You can make online payment, the following methods are acceptable…

Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card payment (select the one of your choice).

Your order will be fully private, secure and safe as the company process all your orders using a 256-bit encrypted checkout order. This level of security is typically used by all leading banks.

Now take a look at how much this supplement will cost you.

PhenQ Walmart Price

The weight loss product is available in 3 different packages, have a look…



Get Your Supply

1 Month Supply [60 pills] One Bottle

$69.95 Only

3 Month Supply [180 pills] 3 Bottle

$139.90 Only

5 Month Supply [300 pills] 5 bottle

$189.95 Only


visit phenq website


PhenQ Walmart Shipping

The company offers worldwide delivery and thus it doesn’t matter which country you live in, the manufacturer offer GLOBAL SHIPPING anywhere in the world on all orders.

Although there will be no charges on the order of two or more bottles, but if you buy a single PhenQ bottle, you have to pay a shipping cost of $9.98.

The product is mainly distributed from the company warehouse based in the UK, US and Germany.

In addition, all the orders are shipped from the warehouse nearby you in order to deliver the item as quickly as possible.

According to the manufacturer’s site, the PhenQ shipping timing lies within 24-48 hours after the order get placed.


PhenQ Money Back Guarantee

The company claims to have hundreds of happy customer, all enjoying a healthier, happier life with the body they’ve always dreamed of.

The manufacturers of this weight loss pill are confident that you’ll be thrilled with PhenQ results too.

However they offer a risk free 60 day money back guarantee, so you can buy the product with absolute confidence.

Just in case if you don’t find this supplement satisfactory or up to the mark, simply return any unused/unopened PhenQ in its original packaging within 67 days of receiving your order. The company will give you a full refund (excluding shipping charges).

100% Money Back Guaranteed + Cost Effective + Worldwide Shipping


As the picture is almost clear but still if you have any doubts then make it sure that you do read the next section to learn about the risks of purchasing PhenQ from other retail stores – Walmart, GNC, Amazon or ebay!


PhenQ Walmart: Is It Safe to Purchase The Product From Other Leading Stores?

Do you really want to know what happens when you are not purchasing from official website?

Well, in such case you’re most likely to face these drawbacks for sure:

#1: Health Risks

Stores that can sell products illegally without having the company’s authorization or license what else do you expect from them?

Such stores keep low quality or fake products and the chances are high that they can put your life at risk.


#2: Money Back Guarantee

Official site has this facility of refund policy but if you end up purchasing it from somewhere else then you’ll certainly not be able to claim this offer.

So it’s a major drawback for you if you buy the product from other stores instead of official website.


#3: Poor Quality

Third party sellers like PhenQ GNC, PhenQ Amazon do not bother about the quality as they have capabilities to con you. Thus their quality of product is questionable because of their unethical act of selling.


#4: Waste of Time

When you buy a product like PhenQ, other than official site, your main priority if TIME and when you make a wrong decision, certainly you’ll waste your time for sure. So, it’s highly recommended to safe it and be rational, opt for only genuine product.

Placing your order of PhenQ diet pills online through the official website assure you of getting a standard and quality product.

Besides these, there are several advantages you can get with your PhenQ purchase!

Take a look…


order phenq


Benefits of Buying PhenQ From Official Website

#1: Money Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the manufacturer’s utmost priority. This is why they have facilitated their valuable customers by offering them an amazing offer of 60-day money back guarantee.

In this case if you’re willing to get the money back, you’ll be getting the full refund of payment excluding all shipping charges.

You just have to send the unused bottle back in its original packaging within 67 days of delivery time.


This offer is not only on individual purchase but also available on multi-buy packages too!

Why the PhenQ producers are being so generous, what’s the catch?

Basically, the company is aware of the quality and fully sure that their product can deliver astonishing results with ease.

Generally, this type of confidence comes when you’re true in your claims. Hence, they are giving these fantastic money back guarantee offers to their customers.

#2: A Quality and Standard Product For Sure

The company has good will in the weight loss supplement industry. And thus, to sustain, it is essential to provide the quality they are actually known for!

Thus, when you buy the product from the company itself you can easily trust in the product that it’ll give you the quality that you’re expecting from it.

#3: Worldwide Shipping

The PhenQ official website offers Global shipping (anywhere in the world) on all orders. It simply means that you’ll be getting free delivery.

On the other hand, third party stores like Walmart, GNC or Amazon does not allow worldwide shipping. In addition they cost a small delivery charge.

#4: Safe and Discreet Order Delivery

If you are concerned for all your money transactions that you’ll be making while the purchase of this product, then stop worrying!

The company process all its orders using a 256-bit encrypted checkout order. This means your order is fully private and your online money transactions are safe and secure.

Also the shipping will be in discreet packaging to keep the confidentiality intact.

I hope after reading the blog on PhenQ Walmart, all your buying confusion have cleared. And you have now understood that the only source to buy this weight loss pill is the official website of PhenQ, and none!


Get Your Ideal Body With PhenQ Diet Pills | Simple, Fast and Easy


Bottom Line

PhenQ is one of the best and effective weight loss supplements in the market. Our survey on where to buy PhenQ concluded that the only safe and secure place to buy this product is its original website.

Purchasing from any other retailer like Amazon, GNC, Walmart or eBay will only end up either in low quality or high prices or counterfeit products.

This is why it is highly recommended to buy the slimming pill only from its Official Website.

So, this was all about PhenQ Walmart and where to buy it from. I hope you liked this guide. Got questions? Leave them in the comments section below.


Erica Clark
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