Does Phen375 Really Work – Real User Results, Before and After Pics

Does Phen375 Really Work – Real User Results, Before and After Pics

does Phen375 work

This Phen375 review is going to examine the real facts behind the weight loss supplement.

It is the best diet pills available as many claim, or is the remarkable chatter just hype?

First, let me stick this out there:

Each supplement has its own special function and working mechanism – nothing can hit every aspect of your training regime.

You agree with me on that, right?

Well, it might not be totally right!

Get this:

It seems that people taking Phen375 pills have seen their weight loss results go stratospheric!

According to a research, the average success rate of this slimming pills in helping people to lose weight is 82%. And about 70-75% users get the best result after using the supplement.  Phen375 users are reporting strength increase of up to 30%, excess fat is being dropped and their energy levels are pushing them to the limit!

But is it all true?

Well, you’re going to find out in this blog!

In this Phen375 reviews I’m going to leave no stone unturned in my examination.


I’ll go in depth into the working of this weight loss supplement, its ingredients, does it really work and side effects!

Off we go!


Phen375 Overview

phen375 bottles

Phen375 is a Phentermine alternative that was developed to not only to suppress the appetite and make you eat less, but also to act as a fat burner.

Mimicking the dangerous but extremely effective weight loss drug phentermine, which was banned for use some years ago.

Phen375 has the same degree of benefits and effectiveness but without posing any side effects.

The supplement works by targeting the stored fat in the body and helping you to burn the extra calories effectively and efficiently.

In addition, it also has the potential to make you feel satisfied, suppressing your appetite hence making burn those extra calories less exhausting.

These weight loss pills are produced using chemicals that are legally permitted.

Phen375 was manufactured in the USA under FDA approved facility under the supervision of best pharmacologists.

The results of the research showed that the product has no harmful side effects and is therefore good for human body.

The clinical study also indicated each ingredient of the fat burner pill was included on the grounds of its effectiveness and safety.

The research also revealed that this weight loss supplement was developed with the highest standard of quality.

Phen375 is not a magic pill, however it offers a very potent formula that is perfect for those who is suffering from overweight or obesity problems.



How Phen375 Works In Weight Loss?

phen375 weight loss pills

The way this Phen375 works is simple. The fat burner comes with a three way weight loss approach.

Take a look at these…

#1: Thermogenic Metabolism Booster

Phen375 includes few thermogenic ingredients (checkout ingredients section below) that raises your body’s metabolism and temperature so you not only eating less but your body is burning more fat with the nutrition you put into it  even if you do nothing and rest.

#2. Potent Appetite Suppressant

Appetite suppression is one of the most crucial aspects of weight loss.

Once you manage to limit your calorie intake and get your cravings under control, you have the won the battle against fat.

Thanks to Phen375, crushing hunger and eating less will be much easier to accomplish.

#3. Strong Stimulant for Working Out

Thanks to Phen375 stimulating ingredients that are shipped to and sold in the USA and other countries, you should feel that burst of motivation and energy to workout.

By doing so, you’ll increase your metabolism even more, leading to more effective fat loss.

By doing so, you’ll increase your metabolism even more, leading to more effective fat loss.

As you can see, these diet pills offer a complex approach to the weight loss.

According to my research, this product is worth the money.

It’s one of few very potent weight loss supplement which are available for purchase without a prescription.

The Phen375 official website boasts that the product is made from high-quality ingredients in an FDA certified facility in the United States.

As you’ll see below, it offers active and powerful ingredients.

Turn Your Body Into Fat Burning Machine With Phen375.

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Phen375 Ingredients List: Organic and Natural

In my research, found that Phen375 comes in two different versions: One for the market of USA and other for the market of the European Union.

Whatever the reason is, the US versions has 2 additional ingredients. This could be due to stricter rules in Europe, or

Either way, you need not to be concerned, as the manufacturing company state that the product is formulated in an FDA approved facility in the USA.

Here’s what Phen375 contains…

  • L-Carnitine
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrous
  • Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin)
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract

#1: L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine ingredient

It mimics the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) that passage fatty acids through to your metabolism.

HCG helps in the elimination of stored body fat, into the bloodstream for energy; making your body burn deposited fat easier.

#2: Caffeine Powder Anhydrous

Caffeine Powder ingredient

Caffeine helps to trick your brain in to believing you’re full which means your body has to burn more fat in order to obtain the energy it needs.

Also it allows you to easily reduce your food intake by reducing hunger to eat less.

#3: Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin) [For US Only]


This Phen375 ingredients activates what we call cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate).

This is great deal as activating cAMP promotes breakdown of stored fats as shown in different researches.

Nevertheless, it may be an outcome of promotion of thyroid hormone.

Some studies shows, this component may prevent women from gaining weight.

#4: Citrus Aurantium [For US Only]

Citrus aurantium ingredient

Also popularly called bitter orange, was first discovered in 1999 as having fat reducing properties.

However, since then few studied have been presented and according to them, there’re dangerous of using too much of this ingredient in products.

The side effects are many, but it’s likely that Phen375 contains a small amount of this ingredients that it should cause no concern.

#5: Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne ingredient

Capsicum is an interesting addition to the Phen375 fat burning pills.

It has thermogenic properties that can increase the heat of your body and so you burn extra calories without doing anything.

This way your body will burn much more calories at higher rate compared to normal, no matter what you are doing.

#6: Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids)

Dendrobium ingredient

This ingredient is taken from the orchid plant.

It has been used from ancient times in the form of traditional Chinese medicine to cure numerous sicknesses, including fevers and diabetes.

However, it’s mostly used in supplements due to its ability to increase athletic physical performance.

All these Phen375 ingredients are combined together with the intention of increasing energy levels and reducing fat.

Most of the popular weight loss supplements currently available on the market contains at least one or more of the aftermentioned Phen375 ingredients list.

Now considering all the scams in the weight loss industry, you might be wondering…..


Does Phen375 really work?

does Phen375 work


Absolutely YES!

Phen375 is a dietary supplement that works for weight loss primarily in 4 ways:

  • Increase your body’s metabolic rate and works as a thermogenic fat burner that turns the stored fat into energy and burns calories faster.
  • Acts as an appetite suppressant and thus makes you feel less hunger throughout the day. It further helps you eat less in every meal which leads in weight loss.
  • Eliminate the toxic waste that is preventing you lose weight
  • Boost energy level and make you feel more active throughout your weight loss journey.

Besides, when you look at Phen375 real customer review, lots of people who have used the product seem to be very pleased with the results.

Some users have also reported that they had lowered their cholesterol levels significantly and now feel more energetic.

In addition, Phen375 reviews show that the supplement helped reduce high blood pressure in some of the users.

However, if you have a high blood pressure, it is recommended talk to your doctor before taking Phen375 diet pill.

While a tons of customers have reported losing as much as 40 pounds after taking the pill, such dramatic results always guaranteed.

In fact, Phen375 results may vary from one person to other, depending on the number of factors.

Still people are curious to know how much weight they can lose after taking it.


What Results Could You Expect After Taking Phen375?

As I mentioned before, the results varies from one person to other, but the average claimed weight loss is an amazing 3-5lbs per week.

Just imagine how long will it take to achieve a toned, slim and sexy body?

Approx… 30 days!

Trust me, you won’t experience such a great and fast weight loss result with any other dietary supplement currently available.

That’s why Phen375 is the kind of all weight loss products.

It’s important that you stick to the Phen375 weight loss plan which consists of healthy diet like eating lots of fruits and veggies, nuts, chicken, fish and other meal plans plus routine workouts if you want to see good results in less than a month.

Worried about side effects?

Never let anybody tell you that a complex weight loss supplement comes without side effects because there’re no perfect solutions out there.

Make Your Dream Body A Reality. Try Phen375 !


Phen375 Side Effects

Phen375 side effects

Because this diet pill is made from 100% natural ingredients, there are no real side effects.

Thousands of customer reviews are written about this product, you can read them all and I am sure you won’t find any negative side effects with this supplement.

However, Phen375 contains mild stimulants like Caffeine and Citrus Aurantium for thermogenesis boast. It can disrupt your sleep pattern and can cause sleeping disorder for few people.

This is not a major issue and this can be eliminated easily. Just take one pill at least 4-5 hours before sleep.

Moreover, in some rare cases, the use of Phen375 may cause few mild side effects that includes – digestive issues, nausea, headaches, sleeping disorder, and vomiting.

But you need not to worry of these adverse effects as they are very rare and found in the initial stage only.

Meanwhile increasing water intake will help with eradicating these mild side effects.

Note: It is not advisable to use Phen375 if a women is pregnant or she is breastfeeding. Men or women under the age of 18, people that have any medical issues or currently taking other prescription drugs, they should not take this supplement.

Thousands of men and women from all across the globe are raving about the instant results they’ve achieved with Phen375.

I am here with some of those quick and easy weight loss and positive changes people got after using this supplement.


Phen375 Before and After

before and after pics


Phen375 official website shows some impressive successful weight loss stories with before and after pics which looks legit.

There are customer testimonials and before and after pics from different part of the world.

Have a look at few of them below.

Andrea before and after
Andrea Before and After
Malissa before and after
Malissa Before and After
Mia Before and After
Mia Before and After
Tristan Before and After
Tristan Before and After
Raymond Before and After
Raymond Before and After

These Phen375 before and after pics shows that people can now fit into the dresses and jeans that they had previously given up on!

They are all looking fit, strong and healthy.

Phen375 will cut down your calorie intake, burn fat, curb your appetite, build muscle mass and give you more energy.

The bottom line is: It works!


Where to Buy Phen375?

Phen375 is exclusively available only from the Official Website –

So you won’t be able to buy the product via GNC, Amazon or even Walmart.

However, if you get it anywhere else, inform us below in the comment box.

If you have read Phen375 testimonials and customer reviews, you already know that I only recommend purchasing the weight loss pills from the manufacturer’s site.


Simply because the Phen375 Official manufacturer is a trustable site that can guarantee you will get the original formula and not some counterfeit or fake fat loss pill.

Right now, there’re three different packages you can choose from when making your purchase on its Official Store.

Take a look at Phen375 price and packages…

Phen375 Price + Packages

Since this weight loss pills is a product of such high quality and effectiveness, the prices are a little bit higher compared to other diet pills on the market, but I believe you’ll agree Phen375 is worth the extra price.

  • 1-month supply costs $65.95 [total savings of $24.04].
  • 3-month supply costs $131.90 [total saving of $138.07]. In this package buy 2 Phen375 bottles and get 1 FREE.
  • 4-5 month supply costs $187.96 [total savings of $261.99]. This packages offers 4 Phen375 bottles in which you’ll get the 5th one absolutely FREE + Phen375 diet plan book.

If you want to lose weight and maintain that healthy weight over a long period of time, then I would suggest you to buy the last two packages.

Phen375 will be billed and shipped to you in a discreet packaging, and it’ll be shipped without costing you a single penny.

Yes! That’s true.

The Company offers its valuable customers FAST & FREE Shipping worldwide.

Erica Clark
Erica Clark is an award-winning dietician, having worked at many NHS trusts across London and South East. She is passionate about the Nation’s health and enhancing lives through good nutrition. She thus writes blogs on weight loss & Healthy Diet. According to her, dieting does not work in weight loss, but making a commitment to change your life for the long haul leads to weight loss. Get Me on Social Channels:  Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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