5 Tips To Get Your Best Beach Body For Summer In 1 Month

5 Tips To Get Your Best Beach Body For Summer In 1 Month

Bikini Body

Here’s everything you need to get your best beach body ever!

In just 1 Month (30 Days) you can tone and shape your abs, butt, arms, and thighs, and shed real pounds trying one new thing a day.

The 5 fabulous tips to complement your killer confidence and for getting your ideal summer bikini body!

Hey Guys! While it seems like the summer season is far away, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to Get a Bikini Ready Body – so try these 5 ways to get your swimsuit body ready for summer!

If you start now, before the hot summer season rolls around, you will have been working on lengthening and toning your body, further firming up your tushie, legs and arms – in order to feel comfortable in a sleeveless dresses that confidently show off your toned summer arms!

Usually it takes time to reshape your body and change your healthy habits and lifestyles – but after trying these 5 tips, you’re going back and feel FABULOUS this summer.

So let’s get motivated to get whipping your body into shape for summer with these 5 tips.


5 Ways To Get Swimsuit Ready In 30 Days or Less

Bikini season is almost here. So cue up those Beyoncé tracks and groove into a bad-ass queen state of mind.

In terms of physical preparation, I came up with a round-up of my favorite tips for toning up and trimming down without doing anything drastic.

Take a look…


#1: Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

This is probably the best suggestion, and I’m including it because quite simply, it works. One important point I want to mention here that this advice is not to skip meals, it’s just to cut the amount of carbohydrates you take in your diet.

Because I am a big fan of frozen treats and crisp mojitos, this is one of my least favorite but necessary summer body tips.


Because cutting down your carbs intake can help you jumpstart any weight loss. And you may hope to achieve before squeezing into your best swimsuit.

If you don’t have any weight loss goals – great! Just skip this step and move onto the next.

However, maybe you store up a few extra pounds over the winter, and now looking for the fastest route to shed those extra calories.

If this sounds familiar, then splashing starches and sugars is a good short-term option for fast and better results.

According to health experts, “Losing up to 10 pounds in the first week is not uncommon, especially when you eat like this”.


#2: Count steps And Not the calories

When you walk as a form of exercise, it usually gets a bad rap, but the results speak for themselves.

Not to mention, it’s always a fun to record your daily steps on a pedometer and set new goals for yourself.

The Step Diet – that is, walking approx. 10,000 steps a day and dropping your portions by 25% – was actually creates by obesity experts as an effective and easy method for losing weight and keeping it off.

If for instance, hitting 10,000 steps is not enough for you, bump your step count up to 15,000 for even to achieve greater rewards.

Now, I’ve a question for you…

Don’t have time to prance around all day?

If you’re nodding your head in NO, then here’re ways to add steps to your day:

  • Use the stairs
  • Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk
  • Walk to work
  • Do shopping by foot whenever possible
  • Stretch your legs on breaks at work
  • Walk around the block during phone calls
  • Get off the bus one stop before you stop

Apart from these, there’re countless ways to incorporate extra movement into your daily routine.


#3: Eat Protein In Your Breakfast

Eating a high-protein breakfast has numerous benefits, for example, it helps you feel full, lose weight and belly fat, and boost your metabolism.

Protein is the single most important nutrient for a slim, toned body and weight loss.

So what should you reach for in the morning?

Well, there’re lots of protein-rich options, such as diary, nuts, meat, and salmon. But perhaps the most ideal amongst these are eggs.

According to a recent study, swapping out a grain-based basket for the incredible eatable egg can help reduce food intake, control appetite, and enhance weight loss.

If you love yolk tastiness as much as I do, preparing egg with many different ways is nothing less than a pleasure.

Microwaved poached eggs are now my favorite and I have them in my breakfast.


#4: Use Partner System

Have a friend with similar fitness goals?

Count on a friend to participate in your workout regimen in order to push yourself harder and stay motivated and more frequently.

If you can’t join your friends, you can still take advantage on the pack mentality by taking a group exercise class to increase your accountability and boost your performance.

Maybe you can even become gym buddies with your significant other for a host of emotional and physical benefits from increased camaraderie, for higher confidence, a better sex life, and less jealousy – which will come in handy because when you’re done with this list, you’re going to be turning heads on the reg.


#5: Get Enough Sleep

Thanks to Daylight Savings, the sun stays out and it’s become easy to indulge in after-work activities that somehow extend past your bedtime.

Be careful and don’t let that extra sunshine stop you from getting your much- needed beauty sleep.

Now, you must be wondering…

How are sleep and weight-loss related?

Well, losing sleep amps up your hunger cravings, reduces your willpower to put down the fork.

Just think about it, a sleep-deprived body needs craves energy and will ask for more food.

Thus, make sure to take a nap or add beauty sleep to your summer plans.

So, these are my complied 5 tips that’ll help you rock that bikini body naturally this summer.


Erica Clark
Erica Clark is an award-winning dietician, having worked at many NHS trusts across London and South East. She is passionate about the Nation’s health and enhancing lives through good nutrition. She thus writes blogs on weight loss & Healthy Diet. According to her, dieting does not work in weight loss, but making a commitment to change your life for the long haul leads to weight loss. Get Me on Social Channels:  Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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