Ariel Winter Shares the Secret Behind Her Incredible Transformation!

Ariel Winter Shares the Secret Behind Her Incredible Transformation!

ariel winter

Ariel Winter Workman, popularly known as Ariel winter has taken the buzz on social media these days!

Her amazing cut down in weight has made her fans crazy.

Everyone just wants to know about the secret behind her incredible weight loss.

The Actress of comedy series, ‘Modern Family’ has finally opened up about her weight loss.

For her slimming down was nothing to do with getting skinny. We all were wondering about Ariel winter weight loss secret and now she has finally come up with an answer.

Recently, Winter went candid on a Instagram Q&A session and spoke about different question of her fans.


Ariel Winter Opened Up About Her Weight Loss

Winter on her recent Instagram post revealed the secret behind her amazing trimming down.

She credited her weight loss to the anti-depressant pill.


Instagram Story


The Actress took it on social media and addressed her fan what she had been going through.

The American Star stated being on the antidepressant pills for years. Due to which her body was not responding to the different solution she took to chop off pounds.

Ultimately, this causes her lots of botheration which she did couldn’t lose it up.

She further wrote that it made her more frustrated. She wanted to be fit and feel like what is doing is worthy and paying her off.

ariel winter Instagram response

However, the medication she was on never let her feels so.

In her another story on Instagram, she got candid about her mental health. The Actress wrote being in therapy for six-year, which followed by sessions each week.

She stayed on her first medication because the process to go off the habitual antidepressant is really long and tough.

The American actress didn’t feel herself to be prepared for the change.

She preferred to feel, ‘EH’ instead of trying to search for something that can really make her feel better.

Meanwhile, last year she got sick of feeling ‘Eh!’ which encouraged her looking for an incredibly new medication.

She didn’t pick it up to trim down her extra weight. She had a quest for a great combination of medication that can work for her.

Once she altered her medication with the new prescription, she instantly figured out the results.

The entirely new treatment work and she ended up dropping weight which she had fought to lose earlier.

According to her the alteration in her remedy gave her back a metabolism that resulted so.


Ariel Had Already Addressed Her Weight

Modern Family Actress

This was not the first time the celeb had spoken on her weight. Back in July 2017, internet trolled her for wearing shorts that were too small.

Earlier this year also in January, she encountered a similar situation. However, now the target was her weight loss.

This time too she took on body shamers when there were questionable comments about her visible weight loss which possibly irked them.

The situation came into limelight when one of her fan disappointed of her new figure accused her of plastic surgery- which is itself encouraging other women to do the same.

Even the internet had went crazy on Ariel Winter weight loss surgery which lastly blasted as different comment on her post.

The annoyed commenter reacted to a slideshow of images that Ariel posted recently. This provoked other fans to comment on her appearance and weight loss.

He wrote that there was nothing wrong in being honest and acknowledging her we liked her more before ‘the very change’.

She was more beautiful before she initiated chopping off her body, he further said. This would lastly prompt other girls to go for PS, who seeks the ideal beauty in you.

To which she clapped back,

I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way they are, but you are also kind of cutting someone (me) down which isn’t what I think you were trying to do?

She made the commenter back off and denied the plastic surgery.  “That not the way of being supportive anyhow, if you kept assuming thing how it looks,” she continued.



The Actress Has Set Up Herself As a Social Media Champ

The ‘Safelight’ star has emerged as a body positivity winner on Instagram.

She had effectively used the platform to offset all the sensationalist magazines which have criticized her dressing, trollers who pointed their finger out on her dressing and body-shamers who blamed her of minimal clothes in the summer.

In 2017, in an interview to a magazine, her statement showed up how bravely she deals with this all and emerges as a champion.

I get criticized in the press or social media each day whatever I do. Other girls do the same thing or wear the exact same clothes I wear, and they are complemented with beautiful comments in a crop top on their day out.  And when I am out with the same type of clothes, headlines like ‘Ariel bares all in a skimpy outfit, yet again,’ are now commonly seen.” ‘The same outfit which lends other girls with appraisals, and me cut down.

 –   she continued further.


5 Tips That Can Help You Out In Your Weight Loss Journey

Well, Ariel switched her anti-depressant pill in order to get her body working. However, it wasn’t the pill only which let her be in shape.

The supplement just gets her body in a working state which let it respond to ever healthy action she in took for a greater well-being.

Chopping off some extra pound cannot be achieved by a pill in some days. The process involves patient and effort for a longer term which can provide you with a long-term outcome.

The Actress took to the strict diet plan and followed up with a regular workout which let in the beautiful physique which we admire. If you are thinking to cut off some extra lbs. you can too.

All you need to do is that you have to take some important fact into account in order to receive a visible result.

Here are a few facts that you need to consider if you are making your mind to hit the Gym and to a healthy lifestyle.

  • You should never skip breakfast.
  • Have your meals regular timely.
  • Include plenty of fruit and veggies in your diet.
  • Become more active, get to some new physical activity.
  • You should drink plenty of water every day.
  • Include high-fibre foods in your meal
  • Avoid junk food. You can have them once a week as a cheat meal.
  • Cut down your alcohol intake

Plan your meals on an earlier basis. This will help excluding extra calorie intake.

Besides these, you need to get yourself a regular habit of physical activity. This will help you burn some extra calories.

Stick to your plan don’t you give up midway. Losing weight takes time, but lends you with a healthy and fit figure that you would love.

So, keep this in mind and motivate yourself for greater health and well-being.


The Bottom Line

Ariel finally got back in shape after the alteration of her anti-depressant pill.

After she had acquired the healthy physique she had wanted for long, she says she is feeling better mentally. To her the best thing to see is your body responding.

When asked about her next goal- she aims to have a healthy body than a skinny one. “The famous voice artist and actress want to add some muscles.”

She is determined to gaining some pounds of muscle and making it a healthier one. Also, she admits of having her butt back,” Winter continues.

Fortunately, Ariel seems happy and healthy than ever both physically and mentally now, and that’s what matters most.

Ariel can be your inspiration to get back in shape. Not only that but how you can deal with the numerous criticism and bully around you.

If you haven’t yet started to chop off the extra pound you carry every day, this is your time to make up your mind. All you need to do is to motivate yourself and have a strong will and desire to getting back in shape.

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